I am a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, functional medicine practitioner, and certified massage therapist.

I integrate acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, natural supplements, dietary counseling, cupping, gua sha, massage, abdominal therapy, guided breathwork, and functional medicine to optimize health, restore balance, and prevent illness.

My practice is built on a holistic, trauma-informed, natural, and integrative perspective. I’m a general practitioner with a focus on women’s health (reproductive, hormone, and fertility support), digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD, sports recovery, and pain management.

I believe self-healing can only take place in a safe space where we can begin to release the rooted trauma and emotions that led to physical illnesses in the body.

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I’m so glad I was referred to Dorian! She is THE BEST! My health took a deep dive at the beginning of the year and I came to her with a long list of issues. The bodywork, herbs, and diet/ lifestyle changes we’ve implemented have helped tremendously. I cannot emphasis how her work has helped my physical and mental health. She is such a thoughtful and thorough healer. She listens and she cares deeply, and it shows through in her practice.

Jessica S.

I’ve been coming to see Dorian for the third trimester of my pregnancy. I am hoping to avoid another cesarean and heard that acupuncture along with other things can help prepare the body for labor. She was recommended by the chiropractor I’ve been seeing for prenatal care. Every session has been great and so relaxing! When I was almost 37 weeks, I got the news that my baby was breech - and I panicked. I had an appointment scheduled that same day with Dorian (where she also did moxabustion - something I’d never heard of), and added a chiropractic visit as well. On my way home from my acupuncture appointment, I could feel baby moving SO MUCH and could feel the hard spot of the head moving down. I was fairly certain that baby had just flipped - so I got an ultrasound done a couple of days later and sure enough - baby was head down! I couldn’t believe how quickly my body and baby responded! It was such a relief! I’m continuing care for the last few weeks of my pregnancy and am looking forward to my first prenatal massage next week!

I can’t recommend this practice enough!!!

Karina V.

Dorian is an incredibly thoughtful and caring practitioner. She listened attentively when I described my concerns, and she clearly laid out my options.

My favorite thing about this experience is that Dorian is careful to make sure you are comfortable and feel safe from start to finish. She checks in to make sure the pressure of the cups or massage isn’t too intense. She even gives you a little buzzer to hold during acupuncture so you can call her back to the room for any reason (for my session, the needles were going to be in me for about 20 min so Dorian left the room to allow me to relax).

Furthermore, she has you complete the most thorough intake I have ever seen. Not only did it include my more traditional medical info, but her questions also included relevant trauma that I may be carrying with me. I love how invested she is in fully understanding who you are, what your experiences have been, and what you want to prioritize while working with her.

10/10 recommend!

Cassie R.

I have gone to many acupuncturists in my life and Dorian stands out as the best one! Her skills and quality of care are top notch. I love that she does fire cupping and massage in her sessions as well. She is very precise with the acupuncture needles and it never hurts and I immediately feel relaxed. She specializes in women’s health and fertility so I highly recommend you see her if you’re in need of those things. I’m a chiropractor and I recommend all my patients to her!

Madeline K.

As a Trauma & Anti-Oppressive Psychologist, my body holds a lot. In addition, my own lived experience with depression & anxiety was being exacerbated. Finding Dorian has truly been a blessing. In only a couple of sessions, I have experienced so much relief from my symptoms. My body feels safe with her & I am starting to feel stronger each & every day. Words cannot begin to capture the gratitude I feel towards Dorian & her medicine.

Adriana M.

After experiencing a traumatic emergency c-section I reached out to Dorian for both an acupuncture treatment and postpartum abdominal massage knowing she specializes in women's health and trauma. She combined acupuncture, massage, and moxibustion for a wonderful treatment. After my body was able to release things it had been holding on both a physical and emotional level during my pregnancy and birth experience.

After the treatment, I had less shoulder and lower back pain increased energy, and an overall sense of calm after. I highly recommend seeing Dorian Lam during your pregnancy and for postpartum treatment. Dorian is a compassionate talented healer that goes above and beyond for her patients.

Shannon K.

Dorian is one of the most talented, trauma-sensitive healers I’ve encountered. As someone with layers and layers of physical trauma, I’m extremely careful with my body. I don’t let just anyone work with me, and I’m highly sensitive to the energy of the practitioner as well.

Dorian works from a place of compassion, knowledge, and gentleness. Her understanding of the body and its energetic needs is always expanding, and her intuitive knowing of what I need makes me feel seen, supported, and cared for. She has this ability to always approach my areas of greatest sensitivity, where I hold fear and trauma in the muscles and emotional field, with total care, respect, and communication.

I can only relax to get any type of body work when I have great trust and safety. She holds a deep space for this, and I’ve become more in tune with my body’s needs and messages through our work together. Working with Dorian will take your wellness, self-care, and self-understanding to a new level!